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Check it out.   Lacie has recently released a new portable hard drive that allows you to protect the contents with your fingerprint via their biometric sensor. The 500GB Rugged Safe Hard Drive from LaCie is an excellent solution to keep your data safe and secure.   The shock-proof design protects your information from accidental falls, while a fingerprint reader provides secure access to up to 10 users.

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A great day at Greeley Park in Nashua, New Hampshire.  Perfect weather and lighting for a great couple.  We spent time getting to know one another, and had a casual session while enjoying the warm sunny day.  Katie and Brandon were a joy to photograph, and have a new appreciation for photography.  Congratulations to them both on their upcoming wedding in July.  On top of all the effort that goes into planning their special day, they also found time to purchase their new home.

Here’s a couple of images from the day…

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What fun to have shortly after the start of a new year.  Meghan and Greg are two of the most genuine people, and have a contagious means of spreading happiness with every person they come in contact with.  It was a great day!  While the day was long in preparation, ceremony and celebration, it was a tremendous day!   Here’s just a few of the images from the day… the rest remain with the Meghan and Greg for their picking.  Enjoy!

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The “Captain” strikes again.

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Just spent the past evening with Christine Wolfe on Glamour Retouching…. very cool. Christine is very talented, making the mondane into wow! She shared some of her secrets about her work, and I must say that there is a lucrative tradeoff for speed versus ultimate perfection. For example, it always starts with a well lit photo, and no fear about manipulating the photo to achieve the desired effects whether it be hair, coloring or body.  For the bulk of the class, time is spent on some of the inside secrets of fine tuning, but also on questions or images that are brought in by the class.  While I picked up a few tips, I tend to do more with layer masks ( my  preference) where Christine works towards merging changes after each pass/fix that is performed.  It’s clearly a matter of time is money.  As she expressed, she has rarely had a client come back to tweek a photo, so the more destructive methods work very well.

For those really working towards getting a learning curve leap with photoshop retouching, the seminar is correctly priced for those with novice/intermediate Photoshop skills. In any case, great to meet other photogs and retouchers, and to meet Christine.  I would likely take on her services if I was in a pinch and needed quick turnaround retouching.

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